My name is Irina Mirica and I am a Soul Realignment practitioner.20180819_131854

Soul Realignment is an intuitive healing modality that uses Akashic Records as a source of information. Everything a soul chose and has done from his/her creation and up to now is recorded in his/her own Akashic book. Moreover some consequences due to previous actions might be showing up in present life, especially when we don’t find ourselves at fault.

By knowing who we are at the soul levelĀ  and what actions we took against our Divinity ,we can really understand what is happening with us (mind and body) .We can decode all eventsĀ  showing up on our life, and we can course correct the outcome in the desired direction.

The biggest benefit of Soul Realignment is that we can finally manifest all we would like to experience at this third dimension by mastering the Univers laws from a vibration standpoint .

My academic background is Chemical Engineering and that allows me to understandĀ  human experiences from various angles and perspective. We will always find a common comunication language, the universal truth and wisdom .

Looking forward to uncover a totally new word for you and your loved ones!


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